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Yacht Charters

Yarkon Tours Yacht Charters invites you to cruise with us the beautiful blue waters of Red Sea, Israel Eilat, Jordan aqaba, Egypt Sinai. We offer variety of beautiful boats and yachts for any occasion. Choose from our selection of power boats, sport yachts, party boats, luxury yachts, for all your luxurious tropical dreams! So join us in for private trips, fun adventures, spectacular views and unforgettable memories on a yacht of your dreams! We offer variety of trips and charters with each tailored to your desires. Whether you want to catch hot Eilat sun, cruise into the sunset, admire Eilat, Aqaba city lights, explore Sinai Coral Island, take a professional Diving charter, or celebrate that special event in your life, we surely have a charter for you! So, give us a call and let us make your tropical dream come true! Thank you so much and welcome aboard

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